Inspiraling Stair Systems Bring Space Saving Staircases To You.

Are you looking for a real “WOW factor” whilst also saving precious and much needed space?

Do you want a modern, great looking, and long-lasting set of stairs that stand out from the rest?

Here at Inspiraling Stair Systems we bring you complete staircase systems that are easy to install, meet current UK building regulations and more importantly won’t break the bank. Space saving staircases are our speciality and we know exactly what it takes to bring you a new and inspiring staircase.

Maybe you are looking for access to a loft, landing or basement and don’t want to pay the hefty fees that many will charge. Or you could be looking to modernise a space and bring your property back up to date.

Our space saving stairs can be located in a corner sitting or can hang over existing staircases, meaning you don’t need to lose space in an existing room (e.g. like a bedroom).

We also offer a variety of designs and can also offer our space saving stairs in clockwise, anti-clockwise or alternative stairs by adding extra steps, which can create s-shapes or u-shapes to best fit your space.

We provide several standard sizes and can also offer bespoke solutions for your exact needs so why not touch base with our friendly and specialist team today on 01179 020103 to find out more.


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Why Use Inspiraling Stair Systems?

We love the fact that we have been running our business now for over 2 decades and with that has come a lot of happy customers over the years. See what they have to say for yourself –

“Thank you to you and your wonderful team for my new set of space saving stairs they look amazing and the even better point being that we have been able to add the storage we wanted underneath the stairs which has saved us so much room. Thank you they are wonderful”. Mr Dave Paget, Berkshire

“I cannot fault the stairs they are immaculate. Space saved has made a huge difference and I am over the moon. The valuer even upped his value by 5k so just WOW. Mr Green, Bristol.

As you can see this is just a small sample of what our customers say and we would love to hear from you if you’re looking for a modern, durable and aesthetically pleasing set of space saving stairs. Why not call our friendly team today on 01179 020103.

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