Square Spiral Stairs

Unlock the potential of your home with our Space Spacing Stairs, giving you easy and spacious access to your loft, landing or basement.

Square Spiral Stairs are unique! Fitting into small spaces saving you precious much needed room. 

They can be located in a corner sitting or can hang over existing staircases, meaning you don’t need to encroach into an existing room (e.g. like a bedroom).

Our stairs come in a variety of designs and can be clockwise, anti-clockwise or alternative stairs by adding extra steps, which can create s-shapes or u-shapes to best fit your space.

We provide 2 standard sizes or  be made bespoke, and are fitted to UK building regulations and are also design registered.

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We stock standard size treads and parts, but can be altered to meet bespoke widths. 

Our stairs are made to UK building regulations and easy to assemble for someone with carpentry knowledge. 

We deliver across the UK!

Examples of where your stairs can go are can be found on our Layouts page.

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